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About Marry YourSelf First!

I hear it all the time and so do you: Everyone wants advice on relationships. Plus, single and divorced men and women want dating advice for women and dating advice for men. After all the books about relationships, you’d think that these negative relationship trends would reverse…NOT! I wrote Marry YourSelf First! because I discovered that most people don’t know how to effectively handle relationship issues. Furthermore, I saw too many of my clients losing the after divorce dating game.

Most of these same people did NOT understand the importance of the following:

  • A clearly defined Life Purpose
  • A powerful Life Vision
  • Fully Utilizing Values and Priorities
  • Developing Powerful (and Lasting) Boundaries
  • Maximizing the Law of Attraction
  • Creating a “Pay it Forward” Lifestyle
  • Using effective Deal-Makers and Deal-Breakers
  • Understanding the role of Integrity
  • Simple humor strategies for Stress Management
  • Developing an easy Life Balance System
  • Highly effective Communication and Assertiveness Skills
  • Creating effective Support Networks
  • Attaining Completion from Past Hurt and Loss

If you want to discover how all of this (and much, much more) will provide you all the advice about relationships you’ve been wanting, then Marry YourSelf First! is definitely for you!

And Marry YourSelf First! is MUCH MORE than just a book on advice about relationships. Marry YourSelf First! is one of the few books about relationships that focuses on the relationship you have with yourself…and that’s THE most important relationship you’ll ever have!

Plus, when you invest in Marry YourSelf First!, you automatically become an elite member of Personal Empowerment Coaching Program! You’ll have immediate access 12 hours of previously recorded teleseminars.

Unlike many of the authors of most other self-help books, I’m one author who will stick with you long after you’ve purchased the book. You get the book AND you get me!

Plus all the following for FREE!

Bonus #1: Everyone who invests in Marry YourSelf First! will automatically become eligible to access the Personal Empowerment Coaching Program. This includes 12 hours of previously recorded teleseminars – with yours truly! – on cutting edge topics, all to generate more passion in your life, more fulfillment in your relationships and the most zest in your career.

Bonus #2: You’ll also receive access to a series of bonus videos. As part of every chapter of Marry YourSelf First! you’ll find a special video to help you further implement the principles from each chapter to your maximum benefit.

Bonus #3: You’ll have direct access to ask me questions and share your biggest challenges – all you have to do is send me an email.

Like I said, this is much more than just a book!

Here are the twelve chapter titles:

  • Date YourSelf First: Do You Know Who You’re Going to Bed With Every Night?
  • Doing the Abun-Dance: The Law of Attraction and the Art of Prosperous Living
  • In Search of the Missing Donut Hole: Your Soul Print
  • The Apples in the Apple Pie: Knowing What You Must Have, Want to Have, and Will Not Settle For
  • Juggling Bowling Balls While Walking Across Hot Coals: The Balance Challenge of Life
  • Getting the Love: Surrounding Yourself with Supportive Networks and Communities
  • Communication Poker: Knowing When to Hold ’em, Show ’em and Fold ’em
  • Building Your House on Solid Ground: Understanding the Relationship Hierarchy
  • If It Feels Weird, Do It: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into Your Growth Zone
  • The Paradox of Passion: Taking Yourself Lightly While Taking Your Work in Life Seriously
  • Your Simple Personal Medicine: Consciously Breathing, Smiling and Walking to Your Own Unique Rhythm
  • Wabi-Sabi: Always (or at Least Usually) Practice the Art of Perfect-Imperfection

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