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“Ken, what a pleasure it was to have you at First Unity sharing your ideas. Our congregants were so moved by your ability, your message and they left with such great information. Though we do have a lot of programs within our Spiritual Education classes, it is such a blessing to experience someone like yourself with original and “new” information. We were blessed to have you and welcome having you again.”
Rev. Temple Hayes,
First Unity of St. Petersburg, www.firstunity.org

“Ken has provided invaluable insights in the arena of Relationships. His "Marry Yourself First!®" recommendations have helped me enormously. As a result of meeting Ken at a transformational workshop in Canada and staying in touch since, Ken has become a friend and a relationship mentor. You will experience excellence in motion with Mr. Donaldson.”
Ravi Pawa,
Pre-Paid Legal Associate

“Ken has acted as my coach for career and personal issues, and has been fantastic. He is knowledgeable about our profession, and our company, and responsive to personal issues that emerge. I like it when he thinks outside the box with solutions that bring clarity and direction.”
Raymond Jones,
Licensed Sex Therapist

“It is always a joy when the student surpasses the teacher. Ken went through my Couple's Coaching Training and then went on to become a colleague in the organization. Then he went on to create his own organization. He has a lot of integrity, creativity, wisdom, and know-how. And beyond that, he is a fine human being, something that is very important in the world of relationships. I recommend him highly.”
Linda Marshall,
Radiant Relating

"Viki and I spend a large amount of our time together at work and play. The dialogue technique and the daily journaling we do fit hand in glove with Ken’s focus on the me in the us. We read and reread the book to each other. A treasure to keep and use as reinforcement for true soul life."
Peyton & Viki Johnson, Happily Married Couple
Marry YourSelf First! is now available on audio.
Testimonials from People Just Like You!

“Hi, this is James in Colorado. And I’d just like to share that Ken has written a masterful book about the secrets of creating a truly passionate life. Not only does he show you how to have better relationships, but he goes far beyond that and shows you how to live in abundance. I highly recommend Marry YourSelf First! to anyone who wants a better life and better relationships.”

~ James, Colorado

“Hi, I’m Joe Mack from Allenton, Michigan. Marry YourSelf First! is a great book if you want to improve your relationships in your life. Ken’s put together cutting edge technology for maximum personal and relational growth. If you want to take your life and your relationships to the next level, then I very much highly recommend Ken’s book, ‘Marry YourSelf First!‘ – It’s Outstanding!”

~ Josef Mack, Allenton, MI

“What a PPP-Power-ful book! You have created an action book that will help all people, who apply it, to live a life of passion, power and purpose. You have touched, moved and inspired me with your creation. And, today where did I turn to when I had a loss of power because of fear? To Marry YourSelf First! I will wholeheartedly recommend your book to my friends, family and everyone I meet.”

~ Michael Pleasant, Clearwater, FL

“I want to tell you how synchronistic Marry YourSelf First! has been for me. I am in such transition and moving towards such growth and joy. Without you even knowing, you have made a profound impact in my life. I am moved to complete admiration and appreciation for you and what you have learned and chosen to share. I am not so sure that mere words could ever describe the joy that I feel at this very moment.”

~ Judy Gay, Tampa FL

“I attended several of Ken’s workshop’s prior to the release of his book Marry YourSelf First! Though his classes were packed with helpful information, as it is with a good piece of chocolate, I always wanted more! The book and workbook afforded me the opportunity to delve deeper into my relationships’ positives and negatives. Ken’s style of writing made it feel as though he was right there explaining how to maintain my “boundaries,” keep a good balance, and of course, communicate more effectively.”

~ Alex McKnight, Tampa FL

“I really found Marry YourSelf First! to be awesome and I am now truly focused on Marrying Myself First! I loved the exercises and plan to spend more time on them. I have recommended this book to my friends and loved ones. In fact, I plan to give them all copies! I know this book is going to be awesome for all of those who read and experience it!”

~ Nancy Matthews, Cooper City, FL

“I was so taken by Ken’s deep understanding of what makes all relationships work in Marry YourSelf First! that I began carrying the book on our web site. We offer weddings at the sanctuary and as the notary who performs them, I am hopeful that they will be long and loving unions. Ken’s book and classes make that a very real possibility. This book is so much more than just about getting married and will assist in all types of relationship building from the office, to donors, to classmates…the list of people who can benefit from this engaging book are endless.”

~ Carole Baskin, Big Cat Rescue, www.bigcatrescue.org, Tampa, FL

Marry YourSelf First! is filled with information to improve your self esteem and put you in touch with who you are! It offers pearls of wisdom and guidance for life. Most of all it has techniques to help you find out who you are and what you deserve in life! Thanks for writing it…”

~ Nancy Giles, Seminole, FL

“Wonderful! Marry YourSelf First! is well written. It reminded and inspired me to reach for new heights and has given me the space in which to create the whole me and the ever-growing me. I will be recommending it to others.”

~ Margaret Martin, Clearwater, FL

This is THE book that got me to start moving forward with my life. Lots of books are “spot on” but this one is very actionable. It gives you the little concrete things to actually act on your life so it looks more like the one you really want. I am learning to focus on myself, “Marry myself first” and get out of my head, plan and do the things that I have always wanted to do for myself! Ken’s coaching is about committing yourself to become whole and all you are, and by the way, when it’s not scary, this is FUN!”

~ Veronique Vencat, Life Coach

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Ken since 2005. I greatly appreciate the depth and breadth of Ken’s background and ability to move me into action. His approach is like a “velvet hammer” – He is compassionate and insightful at all times, but relentless in his commitment to making a difference. If you are ever thinking of using Ken as a coach be careful what you wish for because he’ll hold your feet to the fire and make sure you get what you want.”

~ Ian McKelvie, Team Performance Expert

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